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Bullet Proof Your Business - Save 50%


A Practical Guide to Risk Management

By Michael Featherstone

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How would your business cope if:

*Your book-keeper fails to properly account for GST?
* An employee resigns, steals your client list and sets up in competition?
* Employees lodge false workers compensation claims?

Michael Featherstone is passionate about helping small business owners stop fraud.
Tired of watching one honest small business owner after another have to deal with fraud, Featherstone set out to develop systems that any small business owner can implement to stop fraud before it occurs. These systems are detailed in Bullet Proof Your Business.
This is a unique book. Written in an easy-to-follow format with lots of checklists and reference points, the book also includes some fascinating case studies of real-life business frauds that Featherstone helped solve. These include stories about company directors paying 'bogus employees' and bookkeepers with gambling problems failing to pay GST.

The case studies alone should be mandatory reading for any small business owner worried about somebody hurting their business. Featherstone also details some of the investigation and surveillance techniques smart businesses use to catch crooked employees.
These fascinating real-life crimes are sure to attract attention.

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